Turbine Control System

The operation of a Turbine in an industrial installation and its contribution to the operating costs is of major importance. Maintaining an up- to-date control systems is therefore vital to assure its reliable and cost effective operation.


A turbine has less ware and tear than a reciprocal engine and a much longer life-span. During therefore its lifetime it is usually necessary to retrofit the controls of the turbine more than once in order to keep it operating with the specified productivity and efficiency, and often even better than when originally built.


A well designed and executed upgrade is usually recovered in a very short period of time due to:


    • Increase in Reliability and Availability of the turbine


    • Higher performance and productivity


    • High operating safety limits and therefore higher efficiency


    • Extension of the turbine””s operational life.


    • Fewer and shorter operational downtime for maintenance of peripheral systems


    • Faster Starts at Lower Machine Stress


  • Better operational Flexibility for Varied Operating Conditions