No system can be complete if it is not properly monitored. In all applications it delivers, includes detailed electronic monitoring systems, whether this is a local application bound HMI system or a plant-wide multy-user SCADA system.

Constantly investing in new technologies and best practices MAS today offers a proven and well tested SCADA system. The system is designed not only to deliver a robust user friendly operation but to be hardware independent. As such MAS can meet any customer requirements and deliver systems that integrate with any peripherals (old or new) that an installation may have.

We implement and delivers custom SCADA solutions that provide all the capabilities that one should expect from a state-of the-art monitoring and control system such as:

  • Simple or redundant solutions.
  • Real time processing of thousands of monitored points with a sampling up to 10ms.
  • Multy-user, multy-level plant-wide or organisational-wide capabilities.
  • Multy-platform (native, Html, CE, sms) control capabilities.
  • Advanced communication security for local and remote control stations.
  • Advanced graphical representation of processes and machinery.
  • Built-in complex process monitoring algorithms.
  • Pre-warning capabilities and extended error handling procedures.
  • On-line immediate effect of new settings or commands.
  • Extensive event logging.
  • In-depth historical data sampling and backtracking capabilities to all monitored points.
  • Advanced and user friendly reporting with live or historical raw or processed values, statistics and graphical representations.
  • Maintenance free, easy installation and unlimited expansion capabilities.