Radar Level Gauge

Radar Level Gauges


The new radar level measuring devices are not only cutting-edge in terms of application reliability and ease of operation, they have meanwhile repeatedly stood the test under practical conditions.

The type is not a pulse radar device but a 2-wire radar level gauge based on continuous FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology. Thanks to this 26-GHz FMCW radar system, together with very high dynamic response and large bandwidth, it is possible to achieve high resolution, accuracy and maximum application reliability. The higher signal dynamics allow measurement in even the most difficult applications.

Agitators and other internals such as struts, inlets and baffles have hardly any effect on measurements. Even weak signals can be readily evaluated, so making measurement easier in cases with wide measuring ranges and poorly reflecting media. In addition, the improved signal quality allows the true product surface to be far more accurately determined in the presence of foam or agitated surfaces.