Kinematik Series

KinematiK is an automatic electronic positioning system that eliminates manual handling. It is a simple and, at the same time, an extremely useful solution because it provides the possibility of conducting a large number of activities by programmed movements at specific programmed velocities.

Equipement standard
The KINEMATIK slides are delivered ready to plug and work as described below:
– KINEMATIK slide with motors and HOME micros (if needed in application) ready to plug and work. All components connected and protection covers in all cables.
– Electronic Box with all electric and electronic elements needed for calculation and functions.
– Quick Panel with Touch Screen for Workmode selection, Emergency Stop and on/off cycle buttons. Connected till Electronic Box with 5 meter cable to allows user to fix the Quick Panel in appropriated Work position.

KINEMATIK Slides are equipped in standard version with following equipment:
– Trapezoidal spindles with adjusted dovetailed guides and special spindles nut
– Feed range 12-1500 mm/min
– Screen resolution: 0.1 mm
– Positioning accuracy: 0.05 mm
– Programmation KIT, to manage sequential movements and speeds.
Possibility of working in cycles.
– Manual KIT, to manage manual movements easy and quickly.
Digital position read-out.

1) KINEMATIK positioner
2) Electronic box
3) Quick Panel