KINEMATIK table can be programmed in the AUTOMATIC mode screen
by using the touch screen of the Quick Panel. It is the standard way
of programming for 90% of the KINEMATIK tables developed by BAZUS,
and even more in Drilling applications, which normally has very easy
Nevertheless the described way of work is not appropriated if the
Programmation is very long or the piece geometry is not simple, or the
customer just has many references to be programmed and saved in the
memory of the control.
The software DYFE developed by BAZUS is a powerful tool for programming
the KINEMATIK systems in a friendly PC WINDOWS environment.
DYFE is extremely easy-use software (usability) that allows user
to programme movements and speeds by ISO code instructions. Moreover
DYFE offers Help Windows for programmation where user can
find all information and instructions to programme in an intuitive way.
DYFE also offer the possibility to simulate (2D) all programmed instructions
before sending the programme to the KINEMATIK table. The
DYFE Software is in continues development and updated by the BAZUS
Engineering Team. It is also available any adaptation to customer
requirement (customerized software).