The central digital control system of the main engine of a vessel is of course of major importance for its proper operation. On new buildings, such control systems are provided and installed by the shipyard and/or the OEMs. Same systems can be installed on older vessels with as good results. Such upgrading can give to the older engine the possibility of better operation. On vessels that are planned to remain in service for some time, the retrofit of the controls of the main engine is a sound business decision, because the life cycle of the control and protection systems of a reciprocating engine is considerably shorter than the service life of the overall installation. An operationally or technologically aged system is one of the main reasons for the unreliability and high cost of maintenance that burden old installations.


We undertakes the design, construction, installation and commissioning of any control, monitoring, processing and protection system of reciprocating engines, replacing an old system with a new last generation control installation.. All projects delivered by MAS are custom made to the requirements and specifications of the client, and include detailed scada or dcs for complete supervision and control of the process as well as the possibility of remote supervision via telephone or satellite.

The upgrading of old control systems installed:

  • Increase of productivity / power of the engine
  • Increase in reliability, availability and safety of the engine
  • Reduction in operating, maintenance and management costs
  • Extension of the profitable life span of the Engine

Such upgradings are not simple engineering installation since the team that undertkes the project must by very knowledgeable in both the controls used and their programming as well as the operational details of the engine on which these controls will be applied.