We undertakes the design, implementation and commissioning of the Control. Protection and Automation systems for any Hydro Turbine. Each solution is unique and depends on the Turbine, the application (Compressor, Utility, etc) and the customers requirements.


The general Turbine retrofit includes:

Replacement /upgrade of the fuel supply systems.

Upgrade of the governing system controls.

Installation of new Turbine protection systems.

Implementation of special process or application requirements for the installations operation (eg pressure, flow, electric power management.

Installation of sensors any peripheral equipment that might be required.

Development of customer / application specific local HMI system.

Commissioning / documentation and technical training

Where multiple Turbines are working in parallel, an upgrade project often includes the installation of automated Power Management Systems. In addition, process or plant-wide SCADA system may be installed in order to enhance the monitoring capabilities and often reduce the staff required for the running of the plant.