Engine Control Systems

The life cycle for the control, protection and automation systems of an engine is considerably shorter than the service life of the overall installation. An operationally or technologically aged control system is one of the main reasons for the unreliability and high cost of maintenance that burden old installations.


We have extensive knowledge and capabilities in upgrading such systems on two-stroke or four-stroke diesel, gas or dual-fuelled engines. All solutions are designed and commissioned based on the original manufacturers specifications taking into account customers requirements.


Whether a 25MW or a 500KW engine, the upgrading of old control systems installed:


Increase of productivity / power of the engine.

Increase in reliability, availability and safety of the engine

Reduction in operating, maintenance and management costs

Extension of the profitable life span of the Engine.

Where multiple engines run in parallel (eg compressor stations, power stations, etc) an engine upgrade is usually followed by a Power Management Upgrade solution which will automate most of the installations operations. Large installations also benefit from plant-wide SCADA systems which provide a unified control and monitoring platform.