Alarm & Monitoring Systems

Today”s sophisticated marine industry demands comprehensive interaction between the equipment of the vessel and the humans (crew) running it (HMI or Human Machine Interaction). It also demands continuous connection between the vessel and its owners. These requirements turn the Monitoring and Alarm System of a vessel the heart of its control.


All local controls of the vessel (Engine, Auxiliary Engine, Manoeuvring, Engine protection etc.) are duplicated in the central alarm & monitoring system, wherefrom operators can follow all procedures and also operate equipment, accept alarms, change parameters etc.)


The alarm & monitoring system controls thousands of monitoring points in real time and offers to the user a full picture of the entire operation in multiple screens. The information is given in written form or in graphics (mimics) and is friendly to the user who does not need to be a computer expert in order to use the system.


Apart from the screens showing the engine controls additional screens can be added covering:

  • Levels (Fuel tank, day tank, water tanks etc.)
  • Level of cargoes (tankers)
  • Temperature of cargo (Reefers)
  • Flow
  • Outside and inside temperature
  • Navigation details
  • Loading and discharging details Operation of A/C (for Passenger and Cruise ships)
  • Statistic information
  • Etc


Actually, the monitoring system is a system built to the requirements of the client and can give any information required. This info is available to the crew, in any place of the vessel, but also to the ship-owners in their offices on their desk-top, their laptop or even as sms messages on their mobile.